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Built trust in yourself,

find your inner strength

and experience a fertility journey full of personal growth.


Scientifically sound Fertility Coaching & Hypnosis to transform your mind, expand your consciousness and implement health-promoting behaviors.


So glad you are here. You are not alone on your fertility journey.

You have long been ready to have a baby but it has been a challenging journey. You are tired of the monthly hopes and disappointment, of misunderstandings and insinuations?? Are you anxious and stressed about your fertility journey? Maybe you went through the harrowing experience of losing your baby? Do you feel overwhelmed, distrustful of your body and not sure what to do next?

From my own struggles with getting pregnant and from working with my clients, I know that the road to baby can be full of unexpected challenges. I really emphasize with you and I offer a path forward.

As a coach, a hypnotherapist and a previous stress researcher I know how to reduce stress, remove mental barriers, and help you rebuild trust and inner strength during your fertility journey.

Moreover, I provide you with the tools to experiencing a true positive mindset – the true “self”. The resulting mental, emotional, and physical balance will improve your quality of life and your overall physical health.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Yours, Simone Sesboüé

Experience Your True


FERTILE MIND is a symbolic invitation to women, men, and couples to pause and look inwards for a moment during the challenging phase of life when trying to become pregnant Although the unfulfilled desire to have children may be experienced as a very exhausting period with an uncertain outcome, it is also a seedbed for new ideas, for personal development, and a time when couples can reach a new level of development together.

By applying a mindful approach to your own feelings and needs, as well as through consciously experiencing available resources, a genuine state of presence can be developed despite the current difficulties. Beyond learning to cope with your current difficulties, you can not only master the skills to cope with your stressful situation, but you can also achieve genuine personal growth.

“We nourish the mind so the soul can breathe and the heart finds peace.” 

– Simone Sesboüé


to Less Fertility Stress and a More Mindful Life


Perhaps you have already tried various different approaches to achieve your dream of having a baby. Some of these may have felt good in the moment, but may not have helped you to feel good in the long term. A number of such small steps can help to increase your well-being in the short term. They are important steps on your path of personal development. My vision is for this wonderful feeling of well-being to last forever, on all levels, in your mind, body, and soul. This requires accessing personal skills and resources, many of which you most probably already possess, and which can be reactivated during coaching. New skills that will help you to deal with your stress in a mindful way, can be learned through the coaching.

No matter where you are right now – you can do it!

Whether it’s on your path to having the baby you so much want, or even having to say goodbye to the child of your dreams, inner work makes it possible to re-activate the full measure of your vital, energetic life force. Live your life with a sense of basic trust and self-determination. I will accompany you step-by-step, gently supporting you on your inner journey back to your true “self”.

Step 1


Get to the Here and Now


Learn to accept negative emotions regarding your subfertility, embrace your fears and (re)build basic trust in yourself.

Step 2


Find your inner strength


Discover your own resources and learn new strategies to mindfully and resourcefully cope with the situation.

Step 3


Integrate your mind, body and soul


Anchor your new mindset in daily life and apply your acquired mental and physical strategies.

Den Kinderwunsch realisieren

A few steps together…

If you believe now is the right time to get support, please contact me for a first consultation, free of charge.

During the initial consultation we could get to know each other better, with all open questions clarified.

I offer coaching sessions in German (mother tongue) or English. All sessions can be done conveniently via Skype, Zoom or over the phone. Meetings in person in Zurich and the surrounding area are also welcome, with adherance to COVID-19 restrictions.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Yours, Simone Sesboüé

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