Find your inner strength

You deserve a fertility journey full of joy, trust, and inner strength.

Unfortunately for some of us, getting pregnant is harder than imagined. This takes an emotional toll and in turn leads to significant stress and negative thoughts. As such, the time of the unfulfilled desire to have children is considered to be a very stressful and sometimes traumatic life event. Scientific studies have proven that stress intensity resulting from infertility is similar to stress experienced from life-threatening diseases such as cancer (1). While it is very common to receive psychosocial help when suffering from severe illnesses, couples and individuals going through infertility are often left alone and unassited.

But there is no need to undertake the journey alone.

I would gladly assist you with my expertise, my high degree of sensitivity and my empathy. Providing a nurturing atmosphere, I lay the foundation for you to be yourself, let go of all the tension, and safely transition into your new fertile state of mind.

Together we can find out which option is best for you.

All coachings are tailored to you and your individual needs. You determine the pace. Where you are at decides the detail we will cover. Sometimes it only needs a little bit of an impulse, sometimes it needs a little more.


Rescue & Blossom

1:1   Personal Coaching

Connect with your inner strength and balance your mind, body and soul.

Support tailored to your specific situation and needs, either on your path to a baby, or after a miscarriage or in finding closure of your wish to have children.

The number of sessions varies depending on the topic and person. Experience has shown that 2 – 3 sessions are helpful to achieve lasting changes in wellbeing.


IVF Miracle

1:1   IVF Support

Competent and empathic support before, during and after your IFV cycle – particular support for a special time.

Mindfulness and relaxation techniques as well as mental coaching help specifically during this time to respond to the sensitive phases of your cycle, which are associated with different feelings and emotions.

 The timing of the IVF Support is based on the medical process and thus ensures that you are optimally cared for during your IVF treatment.


Empowered Together

Group Support Online

Experience the power of group support (max. 6 persons) in developing your own coping mechanisms.

During 5 weeks we will meet online once a week. Exchanging with others, sharing experiences and emotions, but also learning specific coping mechansims tailored to ones unique needs as well as developing a sustainable positive mindset are the main objectives of this group.

Please contact me for the next course dates.

The Coaching is for you, if you want to...


  • reduce anxiety and stress related to your desire for a baby
  • not allow infertility to “rule my life” and instead get into the driver’s seat
  • feel in complete sync with your body
  • resolve unconscious negative thoughts and mental blocks that stand in the way to lead a balanced fertility journey
  • gain clarity about your current life situation
  • make your relationships with your partner, friends and family flourish
  • find answers to “why do I have to go through all of this?”
  • find peace with the devastable loss of your baby
  • open your heart to let go of the past and love yourself again
  • learn how to develop a positive, fertile mindset that will affect all areas of your life
  • feel empowered to take conscious and informed decisions about next steps
  • find answers to “what else can I do to improve my fertility?”
  • find clarity, inner peace and strength to live a fulfilled life

Holistic, Resource- and Solution-Oriented  Approach

I practice a resource and solution-oriented coaching approach that relies on knowledge, heart and a clear and conscious mind. Evidence-based tools, methods and techniques from stress research, positive psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness research and mind-body medicine are naturally included into the coaching.

Since I wrote my dissertation on stress and burnout and have carried out scientific research on human perception and psyche for several years, I know how important the connection between psychological well-being, health-promoting behavior and mental and physical health is.

In order to cope better with this challenging time, reducing stress triggers and improving our personal resources is just as important as the mindsets and internal attitudes we choose when it comes to our desire to have children.

Stale thought patterns, which are often transmitted during childhood through parental upbringing or formed due to negative experiences in the course of life, are stored in our subconscious. These can make us anxious or aggressive. They may cause narrow-minded attitudes, especially when we’re stressed or undergoing major life changes. This leads us to reinforce problems instead of solving them.

If we shift our thought patterns and revise the mental framework from which they originate, we gain clarity, we escape survival mode (fight or flight response), and we will be able to cope with the situation more mindfully, more ressourcefully and in line with our personal needs.

Certain behaviors and lifestyle factors that are detrimental to health (such as smoking, alcohol, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, unhealthy nutrition) can also be aggravated by an increased level of perceived stress and further negatively affect subfertility. These need to be identified and tailor-made solutions for a healthy lifestyle to be worked out together.

That’s why we approach our work holistically. We work on psychological resilience and on having a positive attitude and approach to having children – the fertile mind.  We learn strategies for coping with stress, how to reduce factors that trigger it, and how to increase mindfulness in our daily lives. Additionally, we explore specific behavioral adjustments that support our health on a physical level.

Fertile Mind Coaching
Dr. Simone Sesboüé
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