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Find your inner strength

Unfortunately for some of us, getting pregnant is harder than imagined. This takes an emotional toll and in turn leads to significant stress and negative thoughts. As such, the time of the unfulfilled desire to have children is considered to be a very stressful and sometimes traumatic life event (1).

But there is no need to undertake the journey alone.

I would gladly assist you with my expertise, my high degree of sensitivity and my empathy. Providing a nurturing atmosphere, I lay the foundation for you to be yourself, let go of all the tension, and safely transition into your new fertile state of mind.

Client Testimonial


I want to thank you a thousand times, dear Simone, for your compassionate IVF support. After multiple failed IVFs I was discouraged and had lost confidence in myself and my body. The coaching and hypnosis, along with the audio hypnosis strengthened me throughout the entire treatment. During the sessions, I felt incredibly well and bolstered by your incredible professional support. As you know, I became pregnant during this cycle even though my hormone levels hadn’t been so very promising. Soon, I hope to be holding our small miracle in my arms. I am so grateful to you for guiding me along the way and sincerely hope that other women/couples will also find their way to seek your help.


Adriana, Zug


Direct your focus inward and connect with your vital force so that you can follow your own individual path to your dream baby.

Do you just want to feel like YOURSELF again? Don’t know if you would like hormone treatment? Are you unsure whether you should seek treatment abroad? Are you wondering whether you should accept a job promotion despite a strong desire to have a child?

The feelings that arise and the decisions that you must make when trying to have children are as diverse as you and your own personal journey. Listening carefully to what you need now is essential. I advise you based on your individual situation and needs so that you can live your life confidently in balance with your desire to have children.

What is needed? The number of sessions varies depending on the topic and the person. Experience has shown that 3 sessions are needed to achieve lasting changes.

When considering conceiving again after losing a child, you can be faced with uncertainties and conflicting questions. Feelings of guilt also often play a role, and you need to answer the question of when is the right time to try again.

You may experience a rush of conflicting emotions during your next pregnancy, and they can leave you feeling unsettled.

I provide you with competent and empathetic assistance so that you can air your fears and worries in a nonjudgmental space and navigate and sort through your feelings. You can regain confidence in yourself at your own pace, and you will renew your bodily strength for your next pregnancy so that you can meet it with joy and confidence.

What is needed? The scope of the required therapeutic measures will also vary depending on how intensively you have previously processed your own grief. I would be happy to advise you in a personal consultation. 

I will provide you with professional and sensitive support before, during, and after IVF treatment. After all, this unique time requires a special approach. My guidance incorporates the latest knowledge about relaxation, stress reduction, and health promotion on the basis of mind-body medicine and applies it to meet your individual needs through the different phases of IVF treatment.

The timing of your IVF support sessions is based on the medical process, and it is designed to ensure that you are optimally cared for during your IVF treatment.

What is needed? Experience has shown that 4 sessions of 60–90 minutes each that are optimally distributed over the hormone cycle are sufficient to ease your treatment so that you can become more self-reliant and confident. You can make independent use of the resources that you learn about during our sessions in subsequent cycles, should you need them.

Please contact me as early as possible as I have limited spaces that fill up quickly.

You may also experience that although you are deeply grateful for your child, the longing for another child almost tears you apart. This is a special kind of longing. Yet, it weighs just as heavily as the suffering of those who have not yet had a child.

A woman who has experienced the miracle of life often suffers from slightly different issues than a woman who is still childless. Perhaps the key for you is “why is it not working this time?”.  This question can have a deep impact and cause a lot of sadness as an answer is not forthcoming.

On top of that, women who are already mothers often experience less understanding for their sadness in their environment than women who are longing for their first child.

And that’s exactly why I am there for you at this time – to give space to this longing for another child.  This longing is legitimate – the desire to have children is the desire to have children.

What is needed? To achieve more inner peace and clarity, please allow 2-3 sessions.

It is a very personal decision to let go of your desire to have children.  In the beginning, the focus is usually on coping with pain and grief.

If you can arrive at this decision at your own pace and carefully cope with it using your own resources, you will be able to look forward to a fulfilling future.

I will support you sensitively through this process so that you can approach this decision and your new direction in life in the best possible frame of mind so that you can lead a fulfilling, meaningful life without a biological child.

What is needed? Experience has shown that 3 sessions over a period of several weeks are needed to begin to accept your new direction in life. We will also work in two half-day workshops on developing new outlooks on and goals for your life.

Dr. Simone Sesboüé

What makes me special as a coach

I am devoted to life in all its facets and firmly believe in a deep meaning of our being. This basic attitude combined with an authentic, self-determined and compassionate life leads to wonderful encounters with depth.

It is important to me to create a trusting, warm and compassionate environment in which my clients can feel safe to give space to all their thoughts and emotions.

I work very well-founded and a high-quality accompaniment is very important to me, for which I also regularly attend further training. In addition, I only accompany a limited number of clients at the same time in order to support the personal change processes very individually and to always be able to maintain my quality. With powerful tools and a lot of sensitivity, I want to make the personal transformation as easy and as enriching as possible.

Coaching Approach & Techniques

My coaching approach is integrative, resource- and solution-oriented, rooted in knowledge, compassion, and a clear, mindful awareness. It combines profound insights with pragmatic strategies, allowing you to put them into practice and experience rapid personal transformation. 

The emotions fueling your desire to have a child are pivotal in our holistic approach. They serve as the starting point for our work and the foundation for developing sustainable and holistic solutions. Drawing from a selection of methods and approaches proven successful for my clients, we touch upon various aspects to ensure your overall well-being and true happiness is restored once again.

Mindfulness and Stress Management

Transform Your Journey to Parenthood by Cultivating Mindfulness and Mastering Stress Management Skills: A Pathway to Inner Resilience and Harmony

Experience the empowerment that comes from being fully present in the moment and consciously tapping into your inner resources. Engage with practical, effective coping strategies tailored to address the unique stressors associated with this challenging phase of life.

Our program is designed to bolster your self-efficacy and resilience, providing you with the tools to better navigate triggering factors, effectively reducing feelings of pressure, anxiety, and stress. Through this journey of self-discovery, you will learn how to transform stress into strength, fostering a sense of control and peace.

This transformative approach guides you away from feelings of helplessness that may arise during your fertility journey. Rediscover the joy in your life, regain control, and move towards a future filled with hope, resilience, and self-determined fulfillment.

Through mindfulness and stress management, unlock the door to a more balanced, enjoyable life. Let’s embark on this empowering journey together.


Unleashing the Power of Positive Mindset: Embrace Your Path to Parenthood with Clarity and Confidence

All of us are influenced by negative thought patterns to varying degrees. In coaching sessions, I frequently encounter internal dialogues such as: “I’m not a real woman,” or “If only I had tried to get pregnant earlier.” Many of these statements start with “I really should have… If only…”

These negative thought patterns often take root in our childhood, instilled by our parents, or cemented through negative experiences across our lifespan. Stored in our subconscious, they trigger anxiety and aggression in the face of stress and change, escalating problems instead of resolving them.

Our mindset coaching aims to shift this narrative. By transforming these entrenched thought patterns and beliefs within your mental framework, you’ll gain the ability to approach the challenge of trying to conceive with greater mindfulness, clarity, and freedom. This change empowers you to engage with your fertility journey in a more needs-oriented manner, shifting from reactive to proactive, from disempowered to empowered.

Let us embark on this transformative journey together, breaking free from the bonds of negativity, and unlocking the power of a positive mindset to help you embrace your path to parenthood with renewed confidence and clarity.

Hypnosis / Self-Hypnosis

Unlock the power of your mind with fertility hypnosis and experience profound relaxation, empowerment, and positivity.

Hypnosis not only helps to significantly alleviate stress and tension, but also enables you to harness the potential of your subconscious mind to reinforce positive thoughts, behaviors, and goals related to fertility.

During each customized hypnosis session, we work together to solidify new, uplifting thought patterns and beliefs in your subconscious mind. The culmination of the session involves recording a powerful affirmation sequence, which you can take home as an audio file. By regularly listening to this recording, you can continue to reinforce these positive thoughts and maintain a relaxed, optimistic mindset throughout your fertility journey.

In addition, I will teach you valuable self-hypnosis techniques that you can utilize at any time to tap into the positive effects of hypnosis and apply them to various situations in your life. This skill will enable you to maintain a sense of control and empowerment throughout your fertility journey and beyond.

Research has demonstrated that hypnosis can significantly improve both the fertilization rate and the implantation rate during IVF treatment. While it is important to note that hypnosis does not guarantee a successful pregnancy, incorporating this powerful mind-body tool into your fertility plan can provide you with invaluable support, relaxation, and an enhanced sense of well-being during this crucial time.

Embrace the transformative potential of fertility hypnosis and self-hypnosis to cultivate a calm, confident, and positive mindset on your path to parenthood.


Harness the Power Within: Unleash Vital Life Energy through Conscious Breathing Techniques for Optimal Well-being and Resilience

Our breath is much more than just air – it is pure life energy! It connects our cells and supplies them with energy.

Stress affects breathing. Breathing is accelerated and rather superficial due to the hectic pace of everyday life. With breathing exercises you can consciously influence this superficial and accelerated breathing.

Learning breathing techniques (“Breathwork”) is not only an optimal prophylaxis for health, but also an extraordinarily fast-acting, profound therapeutic method.

It has an extremely strong and positive effect on our mental and physical well-being, as it sets self-regulatory mechanisms in motion and activates our self-healing powers. The work of breathing has a direct influence on various biochemical and neurological processes in our body, such as:

  • The cells are better supplied with oxygen and can work better.
  • The lymph fluid is moved by the breathing movements.
  • Blood pressure may drop.
  • The metabolism is stimulated.
  • The vegetative nervous system is calmed down.

Conscious breathing is possible at any time if necessary. This makes the breathing exercises an ideal helper in everyday life to alleviate discomfort and master stressful situations.

More Health-Promoting Behaviours & Mind-Body Medicine

Embrace Wholesome Living and Mind-Body Medicine: Unveiling a Healthier, More Fulfilled You

Certain lifestyle factors, including smoking, alcohol consumption, inadequate sleep, lack of physical activity, and an unhealthy diet, can heighten stress levels and potentially exacerbate existing fertility challenges.

Our coaching program focuses on uncovering these health-damaging behaviors and guiding you towards making conscious, more health-promoting choices. We work collaboratively, identifying areas in your life that could benefit from optimization and guiding you through these transformative changes.

Harnessing the power of mind-body medicine, we empower you to adopt small yet significant lifestyle changes that can have a substantial impact on your overall health, and ultimately, your fertility. We don’t just focus on the problem; we focus on the person as a whole.

Together, we cultivate a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, one that supports not just your fertility journey, but your overall wellbeing. It’s not just about introducing changes; it’s about fostering sustainable habits that help you thrive. This is your journey to self-improvement, and we’re here to walk it with you, one small step at a time.

My 3-Step Method For Lasting Transformation

In order to maximize the impact of our coaching sessions, I employ a carefully crafted 3-step approach that works seamlessly in the background.

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