Find your inner strength

Unfortunately for some of us, getting pregnant is harder than imagined. This takes an emotional toll and in turn leads to significant stress and negative thoughts. As such, the time of the unfulfilled desire to have children is considered to be a very stressful and sometimes traumatic life event (1).

But there is no need to undertake the journey alone.

I would gladly assist you with my expertise, my high degree of sensitivity and my empathy. Providing a nurturing atmosphere, I lay the foundation for you to be yourself, let go of all the tension, and safely transition into your new fertile state of mind.

Coaching Options


All coachings are tailored to you and your individual needs. You determine the pace. Where you are at decides the detail we will cover. Sometimes it only needs a little bit of an input, sometimes it needs a little more.


Rescue & Blossom

1:1   Personal Coaching

Connect with your inner strength and balance your mind, body and soul.

Support tailored to your specific situation and needs, either on your path to a baby, or after a miscarriage or in finding closure of your wish to have children.

The number of sessions varies depending on the topic and person. Experience has shown that 2 – 3 sessions are helpful to achieve lasting changes in wellbeing.


IVF Miracle

1:1   IVF Support

Competent and empathic support before, during and after your IFV cycle – particular support for a special time.

Mindfulness and relaxation techniques as well as mental coaching help specifically during this time to respond to the sensitive phases of your cycle, which are associated with different feelings and emotions.

 The timing of the IVF Support is based on the medical process and thus ensures that you are optimally cared for during your IVF treatment.


Empowered Together

Group Support Online

Experience the power of group support (max. 6 persons) in developing your own coping mechanisms.

During 5 weeks we will meet online once a week. Exchanging with others, sharing experiences and emotions, but also learning specific coping mechansims tailored to ones unique needs as well as developing a sustainable positive mindset are the main objectives of this group.

Next online course (in German) starts on October 27, 2021. Check out further information here.

The Coaching is for you, if you want to...


  • reduce anxiety and stress related to your desire for a baby
  • not allow infertility to “rule my life” and instead get into the driver’s seat
  • feel in complete sync with your body
  • resolve unconscious negative thoughts and mental blocks that stand in the way to lead a balanced fertility journey
  • gain clarity about your current life situation
  • make your relationships with your partner, friends and family flourish
  • find answers to “why do I have to go through all of this?”
  • find peace with the devastable loss of your baby
  • open your heart to let go of the past and love yourself again
  • learn how to develop a positive, fertile mindset that will affect all areas of your life
  • feel empowered to take conscious and informed decisions about next steps
  • find answers to “what else can I do to improve my fertility?”
  • find clarity, inner peace and strength to live a fulfilled life

Holistic, Resource- and Solution-Oriented  Coaching 

I practice a resource- and solution-oriented coaching approach that relies on sound professional expertise, compassion and conscious presence. 

Evidence-based tools, methods and techniques from stress research, positive psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness research and mind-body medicine naturally merge in a 3-step process to increase or regain inner strength which will result in increased life quality and enjoyment of life.

Step 1


Get to the Here and Now


Learn to accept negative emotions regarding your subfertility, embrace your fears and (re)build basic trust in yourself.

Step 2


Find your inner strength


Discover your own resources and learn new strategies to mindfully and resourcefully cope with the situation.

Step 3


Integrate your mind, body and soul


Anchor your new mindset in daily life and apply your acquired mental and physical strategies.

The emotions that motivate your desire to have a child are a critical element for our starting point and what we’re working towards holistically. Below you will find a selection of methods and approaches that have proven themselves successful for clients. We usually touch on all these areas in order to develop truly sustainable and holistic solutions, ensuring that you can be truly well and happy once again.


Negative thought patterns shape us all of us, to a greater or lesser extent. During my coaching sessions, I hear many negative inner thoughts, such as: “I’m not a real woman” or “If only I had tried to get pregnant earlier”. Many of the sentences begin with ” I really should have…If only…”.

Negative thought patterns often originate in childhood and were taught to us by our parents or have been entrenched through negative experiences over the course of a lifetime. They are stored in our subconscious, and make us anxious and aggressive in the face of to stress and change. This causes us to make problems worse, rather than solve them.

If we change the thought patterns and beliefs within your mental framework, you will be able to deal with the challenging situation of trying to have a baby more mindfully, more freely, more clearly, and also in a more needs-oriented way.

Mindfulness and Stress Management

Practicing increased mindfulness in our daily lives, consciously experiencing existing and available resources, learning coping strategies for dealing with stress, as well as the stress reduction skills, will strengthen your self-efficacy and your ability to cope with this challenging phase of life. You will learn to better cope with triggering factors and reduce your feelings of pressure, anxiety, and stress.

This will allow you to find your way out of your feelings of helplessness from your attempts to become pregnant. You can find your way back to an enjoyable, self-determined life.

Hypnosis / Self-Hypnosis

Experience deep relaxation through hypnosis. Hypnosis not only helps to immediately and noticeably reduce tension, but you can also use it in the future. For example, your positive thoughts, you desired behavior, or your goals are firmly anchored in your subconscious.

The last part of a hypnosis session (the affirmation of new, positive thought patterns) is recorded via an audio file and can be repeated by playing it at home. I am also prepared to show you techniques for self-hypnosis so that you can use these positive effects in other situations at any time.

Hypnosis has been shown to improve both the fertilization rate and the implantation rate of IVF treatment. However, it is not a guarantee for a succesful pregnancy.


Our breath is much more than just air – it is pure life energy! It connects our cells and supplies them with energy.

Stress affects breathing. Breathing is accelerated and rather superficial due to the hectic pace of everyday life. With breathing exercises you can consciously influence this superficial and accelerated breathing.

Learning breathing techniques (“Breathwork”) is not only an optimal prophylaxis for health, but also an extraordinarily fast-acting, profound therapeutic method.

It has an extremely strong and positive effect on our mental and physical well-being, as it sets self-regulatory mechanisms in motion and activates our self-healing powers. The work of breathing has a direct influence on various biochemical and neurological processes in our body, such as:

  • The cells are better supplied with oxygen and can work better.
  • The lymph fluid is moved by the breathing movements.
  • Blood pressure may drop.
  • The metabolism is stimulated.
  • The vegetative nervous system is calmed down.

Conscious breathing is possible at any time if necessary. This makes the breathing exercises an ideal helper in everyday life to alleviate discomfort and master stressful situations.

More Health-Promoting Behaviours & Mind-Body Medicine

Certain health-damaging behaviors and lifestyle factors (such as smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, an unhealthy diet) can increase the  level of perceived stress and actually further impair an existing limitation of fertility (subfertility).

If needed, we can explore together which areas of your life could benefit from optimization. In this way, we can achieve great success on a physical level, with small, simple changes. 

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