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My Infertility Journey

became my calling to help others

My husband and I were always dreaming of having a family together. After a first miscarriage we started to realize that having a baby would not be so easy for us. Finally, I was being diagnosed with endometriosis and an autoimmune disease. A few surgeries followed, and I had to undergo hormonal treatments.

After several early miscarriages, we faced a traumatic experience of losing our little Noël at 19 weeks gestation.

I was a Ph.D. candidate at the time, investigating stress and burnout, when the realization came that I was exhibiting many stress symptoms. My body was sending me all signs of stress response such as constantly waking up at night, an inability to fall back asleep, severe headaches, and persistent irritability.

My husband and I searched for alternative treatments and consulted a variety of complementary health practitioners in the area of hypnosis, Chinese medicines, yoga, nutrition and psychotherapy. I also participated in courses to overcome my fears of not having a baby.

I was slowly starting to feel better, as if some life was returning. But many doubts and fears were so firmly anchored that I could not look positively on the future time of having children. And so I continued to find this life situation extremely stressful. At some point I understood that I myself have many resources to lead myself out of the feeling of helplessness and overwhelming situation.

Finally, my scientific knowledge on stress was instrumental for me to increase my stress resilience and I learned to condition my mind into a positive psychological state. This in turn helped me to get back confidence, optimism, and faith. 

After more than three years we finally welcomed our son and since received a gift of two more children.

Looking back at those years of hope and disapppointment, joy and sadness I can proudly say they have marked me profoundly – in a positive way. The journey, albeit incredibly challenging, has taught me to become more grounded, conscious and present in my life, believing strongly in my mind and in my body.

“Using my in-depth knowledge, I intend to help as many women, men and couples as possible to positively impact their life by experiencing physical and emotional changes  by adopting a new, positive perspective on their fertility journey.”

– Simone Sesboüé

My Vision


To provide valuable support to couples with an unfulfilled desire to have children: Scientifically sound, holistic, effective, professional, confidential, empathic and highly compassionate.

I would like to make a meaningful contribution so that couples

  • can find their way out of the hopelessness they have experienced, rebuild their inner strength and self-determination and through this, experience the time spent wanting a child as a time of personal growth;
  • experience mental, spiritual and physical balance, so that their self-healing powers can be activated;
  • gain easy, clear access to informative texts and scientifically based information about infertility and the desire to have children.

In addition, I advocate 

  • the importance of mental support, even in cases of the unfulfilled desire to have children, is recognized as part of a holistic treatment concept.
  • that assisted reproductive medicine should be accessible for everybody and no longer be a privilege of wealthy people.

Professsional Qualifications & Expertise

Extensive scientific expertise on mental work:

  • Several years of scientific research on stress/burnout; e.g. a doctorate (Ph.D.) from the University of Bern, Switzerland – Link to my book.
  • In-depth research knowledge on human cognitions (e.g., judgment, stereotyping, mental barriers) and how they affect our behavior; several years of holding a faculty position as senior lecturer and researcher at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Switzerland

Coaching:  Life Coach (DBCA) at Dr. Bock Coaching Academy Berlin/Zurich.

Hypnotherapist: certified by Mindventure and National Guild of Hypnotists (MV)

Healthy lifestyle expertise & Mind-Body-Medicine:

  • Herbert Benson, MD training in Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School.
  • Mind-Body Medicine training at the Chair of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, Prof. Dr. med. Gustav Dobos, University of Duisburg/Essen.
  • Continuous developments in the areas of cognitive restructuring, mindfulness, anti-inflammatory nutrition, personal growth, dealing with change, spirituality.
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