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In one of the most sensitive moments in your life, you are not alone.

I will support you with sensitivity and compassion:


  • Until the baby you wish for is born, so that your time spent wanting to have a child becomes a mentally, spiritually and physically balanced experience.
  • Or, to help you process the painful loss of the child you hoped for, instill a peaceful bond with your baby’s soul.
  • And, if you forgo your wish to have a child, help you live a truly fulfilling life without having given birth to a (or, another) child.


So glad you are here. 

You have long been ready to have a baby but it has been a challenging journey. Do you feel overwhelmed, distrustful of your body and not sure what to do next?

From my own struggles with getting pregnant and from working with my clients, I know that the road to baby can be full of unexpected challenges. I really emphasize with you and I offer a path forward.

As a certified coach, a hypnotherapist and a former stress researcher I know how to reduce stress, remove mental barriers, and help you rebuild trust and inner strength during your fertility journey.

Moreover, I provide you with the tools to experiencing a true positive mindset – the true “self”. The resulting mental, emotional, and physical balance will improve your quality of life, your relationships with self and others and your overall physical health.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.



Yours, Simone Sesboüé

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Experience Your True “Fertile Mind”

FERTILE MIND is a symbolic invitation to women, men, and couples to pause and look inwards for a moment during the challenging phase of life when trying to become pregnant. Although the unfulfilled desire to have children may be experienced as a very exhausting period with an uncertain outcome, it is also a seedbed for new ideas, for personal development, and a time when couples can reach a new level of development together.

By applying a mindful approach to your own feelings and needs, as well as through consciously experiencing available resources, a genuine state of presence can be developed despite the current difficulties. Beyond learning to cope with your current difficulties, you can master the skills to cope with your stressful situation and by this you can achieve genuine personal growth and improved health.

Would you like to fully enjoy life again, feel light and liberated, in connection with your body and free from the negative mental carousel?

Are you ready to return to yourself and focus inwards? Because I believe that everything you need now is already inside of you and this power can be rediscovered.

“We nourish the mind so the soul can breathe and the heart finds peace.” 

– Simone Sesboüé

How I can support you

In our work, we will go beyond changing thoughts and beliefs. You will experience and feel your personal transformation on all levels – mind, body, soul – directly, concretely, sustainably positive and above all easy to implement in everyday life. This will help you to regain inner peace and strengthen your trust in yourself and your body.

Based on a fact-based approach, combining neuroscience and quantum physics into an effective whole, the sessions are designed to ensure a lasting positive and health-promoting effect. You will learn stress-reduction strategies, how to release mental blockages, to build self-efficacy, to learn relaxation techniques and other health-promoting behaviors that you can gently integrate into your life.

Equipped with these techniques and methods, you will quickly be able to implement the exercises independently and create your own individualized techniques, ones that resonate specifically with your body, for any life situation.

Based on where you are in your fertility journey, and how you are feeling and progressing, we will work together from this starting point on your own individual path.

Below you can explore the different offerings.

Client Testimonials

… Thank you very much for the wonderful time together. I am very glad that you have given me back the trust in me and my body.  I am trying very hard to hold on to this trust and also trust that we will become parents again in 2023.  You’ll definitely hear from me when I will be pregnant again.  I guess that I would like your support again.

… You’re doing a fantastic job.  I’m glad to have met you.

Julia Thalmann, Rümlang


Client Testimonials

… Thank you, dear Simone, for helping me to trust myself and my body again and to give meaning to my life of longing to have children.  Today after 10 long years, I can finally look positively towards the future.

I hope and trust that one day I will become a mother.  Thank you. I can now continue on my path much more confidently and for that I am infinitely grateful.

I hope many more women and couples will find their way to you.

Victoria P., London


Client Testimonials


Dear Simone,
Thank you for your kind, trusting, and professional counselling. For some time before, I had felt invisible and misunderstood. Your discussions with me were not only beneficial but also helped to rapidly relieve my sense of helplessness. You knew how to be gentle with me, but also to respond directly to my issues and you helped me very compassionately to lift those mental blocks that were partially of my own creation. Today, I feel able to face the challenges of my desire to have children in a more relaxed way, equipped with many resources. Now, I feel that I can do it! A thousand times: thank you!


Corinna, 36, Basel


Client Testimonials


Thank you sincerely, dear Simone, for your wonderful coaching. In just a single session, you brought clarity to my desire to have children. Until then, everything had felt like a gigantic mountain, hard to climb, in face of the decisions that needed to be made, but now, I feel a sense of clarity and I understand what will be good for me and how I can coherently proceed.


Irina, 39, Zürich


Client Testimonials


…I was very fearful about undergoing another IVF treatment. As a single woman with a desire to have children, I often felt alone and sometimes questioned whether all of this made any sense. Your IVF support, totally adapted to me and to my needs, left me feeling so much more peaceful. As a result of the coaching and the hypnosis, I was able to experience those moments that had previously felt extremely stressful with more freedom and self-confidence. I learned a great deal about myself and for myself, which I have been able to apply in my daily life. Even though I did not become pregnant in this cycle, I now understand how to proceed, and I have a deep faith that I will be able to follow along my path.


Stefanie, 40, Zürich


Client Testimonials


I want to thank you a thousand times, dear Simone, for your compassionate IVF support. After multiple failed IVFs I was discouraged and had lost confidence in myself and my body. The coaching and hypnosis, along with the audio hypnosis strengthened me throughout the entire treatment. During the sessions, I felt incredibly well and bolstered by your incredible professional support. As you know, I became pregnant during this cycle even though my hormone levels hadn’t been so very promising. Soon, I hope to be holding our small miracle in my arms. I am so grateful to you for guiding me along the way and sincerely hope that other women/couples will also find their way to seek your help.


Adriana, 32, Zug


Client Testimonials


Dear Simone,
Along this path, I’d like to thank you once more for your wonderful coaching. After many years of our frustrated desire to have children, Flavio and I were very tense, and this had begun to affect our relationship. You helped rescue us both as individuals and as a couple. We each felt truly understood. We were able to rapidly put your suggestions into practice, and quickly felt their positive effects on our partnership. Ultimately, this truly helped us deal with our desire to have children together as a couple. In three months, we are expecting to hold our miracle baby in our arms, a little boy. We still can’t quite believe it! We want to express our heartfelt thanks for all of your support.


Lucia & Flavio, Richterswil


Next Steps & Contact

If you believe now is the right time to get support, please contact me for a first consultation for about 30 minutes, free of charge. Also, your partner is very much welcome. 

During the initial consultation we could get to know each other better, with all open questions clarified.

I offer coaching sessions in German (mother tongue) or English. All sessions (including hypnosis) can be done conveniently via Zoom or in my rooms at Lavaterstrasse 75 in Zürich (near train station Enge).

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Yours, Simone Sesboüé

For the IVF support, please contact me ahead of time as I only have very few spots and they fill up very quickly.

Best is to contact me via the contact form below.

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